What is ZTC

Controlled Traffic Zone


Ge.S.A.C., together with ENAC, Naples City Council and Local Police, has implemented a computerized system of airport traffic management that allows vehicles to transit for a maximum of 15 minutes in the airport area. 
The area is managed by a camera system that electronically detects the time taken to enter and exit the airport.
From the time you entry, you have 15 minutes to pick-up and drop off  passengers and exit. Beyond this maximum time allowed (15 mins)  the administrative penalties provided by Law No. 33 of March 22, 2012
will be applied. The revenues, deriving from the payment of fines, will totally go to Naples City Council
 For stops longer than 15 minutes, you can use one of Naples Airport car parks. First 45 minutes are free at Parking P1
By accessing any of parking area , you will exit the ZTC and the time count will be reset. The 15-minute timer will reactivate upon exiting the parking lot.




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Monitoring and detection of license plates

The transit of vehicles entering and leaving the ZTC will be detected and recorded by digital clocks and cameras placed at the entrances  and exits and in all car parks, both incoming and outgoing.

These devices are connected directly to the operations center of the Local Police (administrative penalty management service) to proceed, in the event of exceeding the allowed time limit, to the automatic detection of administrative violations involving a fine from 80 to 318 euros (Law March 22, 2012 No. 33).

Access permits

PRM passengers (Passengers with Reduced Mobility), have free parking spaces reserved at the Multistorey Car Park. They may also use on of the two parking spaces nearby "Sala Amica", located outside both the departures and arrivals areas, by filling in the online form. 
All suppliers/couriers/general users/work contractors who need access to the ZTC beyond 15 minutes will need to fill out the online Form