Transport of firearms


  • Firearms and ammunition may only be transported as check-in baggage and must have the airline's prior authorization
  • Firearms must be unloaded, dismantled and packed in locked, hard-sided containers;
  • Ammunition must be packed in specifically designed shock and fire-resistant containers.
  • Small arms and munitions may be transported as long as the gross weight, including packaging, does not exceed five (5) kg (11lb) per passenger
  • Incendiary and explosive ammunition are not allowed. Surrendering and claiming firearms

When departing

Firearms must be tagged at the check-in counter, and then both the weapon and ammunition must be surrendered to the Polaria (airport police) who will check the related documentation. Gesac security personnel are responsible for boarding firearms and ammunition onto the aircraft.
On arrival, the arms and ammunition must be claimed at the Polaria (airport police) office in the terminal.