Quality Management

Quality Management

As a private company responsible for managing a strategic  public service, Gesac operates on a model aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of airport services offered to passengers, based on a Quality Management System certified by a third party, in compliance with international reference standards.


Quality Monitoring

We carry out continuous monitoring of all airport services quality through direct interviews to passengers (QSM:Quality Service Monitor and ASQ:Airport Service Quality); waiting times measurement and provision of services (QCS: Quality Control System) and feedback analysis, with the aim of achieving  higher levels of services quality and improving the travel experience.



The Quality of Service Monitor (QSM) is a system for monitoring customer satisfaction, based on direct interviews on 80 indicators, related to the main airport services (waiting times, comfort, cleaning, assistance, punctuality, etc.).


The Quality Control System (QCS) consists of measuring the objective parameters of airport services, such as waiting time at check-in, security and passports checks, baggage drop-off , flights punctuality, etc.


ASQ:(Airport Service Quality) is the Service quality monitoring program promoted by ACI (Airports Council International), through a standardized questionnaire distributed to passengers at about 400 airports worldwide.