"Become the main worldwide gateway to Southern Italy and a key driver for the development of transport, tourism and local economy, responding to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders".


As we strive to achieve our vision, we prioritize economic, environmental and social viability. This translates into compliance with applicable laws, protection of people and the environment, high-quality services and safety.


In view of this commitment, all our activities are aimed at achieving levels of excellence and are therefore inspired by the principles of legality and transparency for an ethical, responsible and efficient management of the entire airport.


Since we are well aware of the key role played by the supply chain, we choose our Suppliers and Partners (Suppliers of goods and services and Subcontractors) on the basis of their ability to contribute to the pursuit of our economic, social and environmental performance goals. Thus, in line with the values informing our activities, we guarantee cost-effectiveness, performance, timeliness and safety, as well as compliance with the principles of equal treatment, free competition, non-discrimination, transparency and proportionality.


Furthermore, in compliance with the provisions of the Code of Public Procurement and Concessions for Works, Services and Supplies (Legislative Decree 50/2016, Title VI, Chapter I, "special sectors" regulation), the relations with the suppliers are governed by the Regulation for the awarding of contracts for works, services and supplies below the EU threshold. The Suppliers' Register, the Qualification System, the awarding procedures and the Vendor Rating System are all managed electronically through the Purchasing Portal.


Within the qualification system, selection criteria include compliance with regulatory obligations - especially in fields of labour law, social security health and safety, and environmental laws –, compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and adherence to the Legality Protocol signed by GE.S.A.C. with the Prefecture of Naples. Additional criteria are the fulfilment of general requirements (technical-organisational, economic-financial, professional requirements), behaviours and certifications attesting to a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond legal obligations, when it comes to quality, environment, safety and social responsibility.

The non-compliance with the key requirements, or any behaviour that is in contrast with the above-mentioned principles constitute grounds for suspension or cancellation of the qualification, and will break the trusting relationship with the supplier. Conversely, a positive assessment of the additional requirements and performance levels achieved are rewarding elements within the Vendor Rating System.


With a view to continuous improvement, we are constantly committed to building opportunities for dialogue and involvement of our Suppliers and Partners, as well as all other stakeholders, with the common goal of seizing opportunities and overcoming critical issues in order to ensure profitability for shareholders while generating value for the region, in a sustainable way over time.