The Airport Certificate

On 15 September 2004, ENAC (Italian National Civil Aviation Authority) delivered the airport certification to GESAC. This certification attests the full compliance of the infrastructures, organization and operating procedures of Naples Airport with the Airport Construction and Operation Regulations -ICAO International Regulations.

ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization - is the international technical body entrusted with the task of regulating and standardizing activities concerning civil air transport.

Compliance with ICAO Regulations

The standard take-off and landing procedures in force at Naples airport comply with all the parameters imposed by current national and international regulations on flight safety.

For GESAC – Naples Airport Management Company – the efficiency and quality of services are combined with the utmost attention and priority to issues of safety and environmental protection.


Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Policy

Airport activities management is based on the adoption of certified management systems, complying with the most advanced international reference standards.
A Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Policy guides our constant commitment to achieving levels of excellence in airport management. Achieving levels of excellence in airport management, the goal of all our efforts, finds fulfillment in fully meeting the needs and expectations of all passengers and airport users and safeguarding their safety.

This is achieved through the respect of the environment and in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our industry.


Our commitment aims at continuous improvement through:

  • offering services at the highest quality levels aimed at meeting and exceeding passengers’ expectations, who are our core business;
  • ensuring the highest levels of security in all airport processes, reducing accidental events and safeguarding the health and safety of passengers and airports users;
  • sustainable development integrated with the territory, starting from the reduction of energy consumption and climate-changing emissions and minimizing the impact of airport activities on the environment;
  • effective and efficient management that ensures profitability for shareholders and generates value for the territory.
  • maintaining relationships with regulators, airport operators, airlines, suppliers, and the surrounding communities, based on a shared and common vision of the way of operating.

Our management system is inspired by these principles, based on our vision and mission, as well as on the values of innovation, responsibility, essentiality and is in line with the best International Standards for quality, safety, environmental and energy management.

We are all required to operate according to this Policy, committing ourselves to its daily application, constantly seeking for every opportunity for improvement.