The Management

Carlo Borgomeo, Chairman

Roberto Barbieri, CEO Curriculum vitae



Paola Bussetti, Chief Financial Officer

Davide Behar, Human Resources & Organization Director

Margherita Chiaramonte, Business Aviation Director

Sergio Gallorini, Sales & Parking Director

Maria Rosaria Morelli, Legal and Corporate Affairs

Antonio Guglielmucci, Operations Director – Naples

Rinaldo Monteneri, Operations Management – Salerno

Michele Miedico, Planning, Environment and Salerno Project

Andrea Guglielmi, Engineering & Maintenance Director

Daniela Guerra, Internal Auditing

Giulia Attanasio, Quality Manager

Flavia Scandone, Corporate Communication & Media Relations

Giuseppe Musto, Security Management & Handling and Cleaning Contracts

Giuseppe Paolo Cutillo, Safety, Training & Compliance Manager


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