2020 Airport Fees

2020 Airport fees


Information on the start of the 2020 Annual Consultation

Users Annual Consultation
User Consultation on the Prm Fee



Annual Public Hearing of the Users

The Company has published the “Annual Information Document”  and the “PRM Information Document” by October 1st 2020.

To enter to the Information Documents are kindly requested to proceed according to the following instructions:

  1. Send an e-mail request to the following address finance@gesac.legalmail.it, with reference  “Information Documents” together with the NDA (which can be downloaded here) duly completed and signed;
  2. Wait for an e-mail with credentials to be entered in the appropriate box of this section in order to access to documentation (Gesac reserves the right to refuse to send these credentials in justified cases: i.e. users do not qualify as interested parties).


For organizational purposes only, Users interested in partecipating at the public hearing are kindly requested to confirm their presence by date 2020 October 21st at the following address finance@gesac.legalmail.it, specifying whether in presence or in remote mode.




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