Bar and restaurant




Time opening: 04.30 - 21.30










Pastry and bakery

Shopping gallery first floor

Time opening: 07.30 - 21.30

ph. 081 7517015








AirCafè RistoBar 

Bar, coffee and snack

Next to Car rental area

Ph. +39.081.7803370

Time: 06.30am - 10.00pm








Tradizione Italiana

For a delicious Breakfast, an easy snack or a traditional coffee

Arrival area
Time: 04.30-21.30








Pizzeria Restaurant Fratelli La Bufala
By "Fratelli la Bufala – Pizzaioli emigranti", you can enjoy, at any time of the
day, the authentic Neapolitan pizza and the real buffalo mozzarella and a
selection of hot and cold dishes of the Neapolitan tradition with modern twist. 
Time: 10.00-22.00 Ph. 081.7516274







Mc Donald's
Shopping gallery first floor
Time: 7.30-20.30








MO Cafè

MO is the praise of the easy food! You'll feel like home tasting homemade dishes.
Shopping gallery - first floor
Time opening: 05.00 - 21.30
ph. 081 7517015