Bars and restaurants




Snack bar


A nice environment where you can enjoy many and appetizing sweet and savory proposals comfortably seated

Opening hours: 07.00 - 21.30 

Boarding area - ground floor

Ph: +39 0817806919








MARENNA' assaggi  



Breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner: the chef will cuddle your taste untill your departure. Gluten free options available

Boarding area - first floor
Opening hours: 07.00 - 21.30 
Ph. +39 0810199367





Self-service baker's shop, coffee bar, yogurt with buffalo milk

Boarding area - first floor

Ph. +39  081 7896585

Opening hours: 04.30 - 21.30 









Bufala di Fattorie Garofalo Shop - Food - Lounge


Take-away and tasting of specialties made with Buffalo Mozzarella PDO and other gastronomic excellence made in Italy

Opening hours: 05.30 - 21.30 

Ph. +39 081 7801258 - mob.+39 345 04231962










Zero21sushibar is inspired to Japanese sushi and Brazilian Temaki. The menu is a mix of Japanese tradition and Brazilian culture

Shopping arcade - first floor

Opening hours: 07.00 - 21.30 

Ph. +39-3427473064



High Tech restaurant for a new concept of lunch and dinner time 

Bording area - first floor

Opening hours: 07.00 - 21.30 

Ph: +39 3463271082






Eccellenze della Costiera

Eccellenze della Costiera offers the best of the Neapolitan and Amalfi food tradition. It is the ideal place where you can indulge in a little tasty break before departing and also buy the flavors of our tradition thanks to a wide market offer.

From the cafeteria, to pastries, to savory snacks, to aperitifs with spritz and taralli


Boarding area, first floor

Opening hours: 05.00  - 21.30 

Ph: +39 0817896 585