FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • Booking change or cancellation

You can change/cancel a booking up to 1 day before the access to the car park.

To modify/cancel a booking click below: 


  • Can I book online before I arrive at the airport?

Booking in advance is recommended to access exclusive discounts and promotions.  It is possible to book online up to 1 hour before the access to the car park.


  • Can I book a parking space online for 1 day only?

The minimum stay for online bookings is of 8 hours.


  • How does booking online work?

After the payment transaction, you will receive confirmation via email. The message will report:

  • A reference number to be used in any communication with Naples Airport
  • A 6 digits PIN number to be used to access the car park


  • How do I access the car park after online booking?

Type the 6 digits PIN code, shown on your confirmation email, on the numeric keypad of the column at the parking entrance and press OK. A ticket will be issued to exit the car park.


  • What if the stay is longer than what was purchased online?

In case of longer stay than the one purchased online, you can pay the excess at the parking payment points.  They are located at P1, P2, P4, Multipiano car parks and inside the terminal,  the arrivals area. You can also pay at the Parking Info Point located on the ground floor of the Multipiano Car park.


  • Who can I contact for further information or assistance regarding car parks?

For information and assistance, contact the Parking Info Point, from 7.00 to 21.00, or call 081.7896325.

For online information and booking assistance, call 081.7896888 (Mon/Fri - 10.00-12.00 – 14.00-16.00) or send an email to parcheggi@aeroportodinapoli.it