FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  •  Is it possible to book a parking space at Naples Airport on-line before arriving at the airport?

Certainly, in order to book a parking space in one of the Naples International Airport car parks before departure, use the on line booking service available on the airport website. Advance booking is strongly recommended.

  •  Is it obligatory to pre book before arriving at the airport?

No it isn't, but by purchasing on line, you have access to special promotions and are assured of having a parking space even during high season

  •  Is booking on-line only available at www.aeroportodinapoli.it?

Customers may use the on line booking service available on-line at the GESAC site or on the sites of Airlines/travel agencies/ and tour operators who have fixed agreements with the airport.

  • Up until how long before the scheduled entry time to the car park can I book on line?

You can book your parking space on-line until one hour before scheduled entry time.

  •  Can I book a parking space on-line for only one day parking?

The minimum amount of parking time which can be booked on- line is 8 (eight) hours.

  •  How does on-line payment for on line booking work?

If you use the on line booking service, payment must be made via credit card at the time of purchase. The pre-booking service utilizes a highly protected system for on-line purchases. When the purchase is properly concluded, GE.S.A.C will send a confirmation email to the address provided at the time of purchase. The confirmation message will include:
A booking reference number to be used in any further communications with GE.S.A.C.
A six-digit PIN number to be used when entering the car park.

  •  Are the parking rates applied for online purchases reimbursable?

Unless indicated otherwise on the website at the time of purchase, WEB rates are not reimbursable and therefore, it is not possible to cancel your booking, nor obtain a refund.

  •  How do you enter the car park after having pre-booked?

When booking a car park space on line, you are assigned a 6 digit booking code number which reconfirmed in the booking confirmation email (ex. 34678). Digit this number on the numeric keyboard located on the entrance column of the selected car park. Press "ENTER" and a car park ticket will be automatically issued. This ticket must be carefully kept as it is required in order to exit the car park.

  • How do I exit the car park if I have booked on-line?

At the exit barrier, insert the ticket received upon entry into the designated column.
In the event you return later than the date on the booking, there are two different ways you can pay the charge for the additional time or days:
payment can be made with credit card directly at the designated column
or for payment by cash or other, at any of the payment points at the car park entrances: at the manned payment station at the Multi-storey car park - open from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 pm – at the customer service desks located inside the Terminal and at the baggage claim area and at the P Premium and P low cost car parks.

  •  Who can I contact for further information or assistance regarding car parks?

For information and assistance you can contact the car park payment stations - manned from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00pm - or call 081.7896325. For information and assistance regarding the online booking service, you can call 081.7896888 or send an email to: parcheggi@aeroportodinapoli.it