Pet transportation

Each airline has different rules on pets transportion.

Check your airline official website for futher information.

Small pets are generally allowed to travel in the cabin with you, otherwise they will travel in the hold. In any case, you will have to use an approved transport cage appropriate to the pet size. Check the vaccinations and certificates required in the country of destination and bring your pet's health documents.

For travel to EU countries, dogs and cats must have a "health passport,"  issued by the veterinarians of the competent local ASPs, be rabies vaccinated and identified by microchip. For travel to Non-EU countries , we suggest you contact the relevant veterinary services in the area.

Protected species such as birds, fish, frogs and land turtles can only be brought into Italy with a certificate of origin issued by the country of origin. The CITES (export permit) certificate must be shown. For more information, visit the official CITES website at (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Guide dogs may travel in the hold with a kennel or, subject to space availability, in the cabin, provided with  muzzled and leashed. Guide dogs are carried free of charge and are not subject to pet weight limits. Space availability for the dog must be requested when booking the flight. The dog's owner must also provide the necessary equipment for the animal's travel (muzzle, leash and/or kennel).