General Aviation Slot Management (G.A.S.M.)

general aviation slot management

Dear air carriers, handlers and operators,
Welcome to Gesac's new computerized PRR management – General Aviation Slot Management (G.A.S.M.) system – which was developed in order to optimize the processes involved in General Aviation clearance requests.
The G.A.S.M. system, accessible by a simple subscription procedure, allows users to autonomously submit, revise and consult PPR (Prior Permission Required) requests on-line.
Air carriers, operators and handlers subscribed to the new platform will have access to an easy-to-use data consultation and management environment as well as verify stand availability on-line by merely consulting specific timetables for each upcoming time slot and day in a protected and much more rapid manner than the normal procedures via fax and/or telephone.
Thanks to its multiple features, which are fully compliant with Airport Regulation requirements and applicable provisions of the law, the G.A.S.M. system renders the entire management process for General Aviation slot requests fully automated and ensures, to the benefit of all parties involved, that all General Aviation activity processes are effective and efficient.
Confident that this new instrument will facilitate co-operation between the Airport and air carriers/operators, we wish you good luck and success in your work.



general aviation slot management


Useful Documents

Useful documents for G.A.S.M. registration


Terms and conditions
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GESAC S.p.A. - Airfield Management
Uffici Direzionali GESAC - Aeroporto di Capodichino - 80144 Napoli (Italy)


Handling Agents:

  • ALISUD FBO NAPLES - - Ph h24 on request # +39 3480198809 - Fax # +39 0817896256 - Freq. 131.625 Mhz
  • SKY SERVICES SPA - - Ph h24 # +39 3387735768 - Fax #+39 0817800031 - Freq. 131.900 Mhz
  • ARGOS VIP PRIVATE HANDLING - - Ph # +39 0679340563 / +390679494588 - Mobile # +393487416728 / +393456225251
  • FLY SERVICE - - - Ph # +39 081 19204871, +39 3401957632, H24 +39 3460738286