How the control is carried out

The security check points are located on the first floor of the terminal.

To access you have to scan your boarding card.  

After the optical reading of the boarding pass, to facilitate the checks, you will need to:


  • Remove overcoat, jacket and all personal effects that could generate a metal detector alarm (lighters, large jewelry, wallets and document holders, mobile phones, keys, belts), placing them in the appropriate tray
  • Separate the liquids in the plastic bag and electronic equipment (computers, tablets, cameras, etc.) from your luggage by placing them in another tray. Do not worry for cameras and film: our machines are film safe
  • Go through the metal detector archway following the instructions of Security personnel

You may be required to have your shoes checked and  your baggage and any other items manually inspected.


Starting from 1st of September 2015.  all European airports also have regulations on random checks carried out with equipments that allow to detect explosive particles on both the passenger and hand luggage.

Therefore, after passing through the metal detector archway, you may be required to go through an additional check. 

After passing through the metal detector archway, collect your baggage and your belongings,  taking care not to forget anything. 

We thank you for your cooperation: security officers work for your safety!