Waste management

GESAC has long adopted careful separate waste collection policies, aimed at encouraging the collection of waste that, properly treated, can be reused in the production cycle as "second raw materials", in particular glass, plastic and paper.

 In 2021, 93% of the waste produced in Naples Airport have been sent to recovery

Consistent with sustainability policies, as regards the separate collection of plastics, GESAC has installed at security checks eco-machinescompacting machines for collecting plastic bottles and, in order to reuse and reduce the plastic, it has also installed, after the security checks, a drinking water distributor, from which passengers can fill their water bottles.

In addition, plastic disposable items were removed in the offices and, along with  retailers, plastic reduction programs were defined, with the aim of eliminating disposable items (plates, glasses, straws, cutlery, etc.)

During the Summer 2021, in collaboration with Legambiente, awareness environment campaigns were also carried out, with particular reference to waste collection.