The Local Community relations programme

Excerpt from the European Commission Green Book regarding Corporate Social Responsibility
"…being socially responsible not only signifies fully satisfying all applicable legal obligations but also going beyond, and investing more fully in human capital, in the environment and in relations with involved parties… This approach opens a path which leads to being able to manage change and reconcile social development and greater competitiveness".
In keeping with this approach aimed at a responsible and sustainable conception of a company, GESAC initiated the Surrounding Community Co-operation Plan many years ago because the presence of the airport and its development need to be planned and carried out in full respect and safeguarding the surrounding territory and the interests of the nearby communities.
The commitment assumed by GESAC in regards to the surrounding communities is a hands-on approach to gaining community trust and support and prove that the airport represents an opportunity for growth and development for the entire territory and is also a responsible, credible and reliable partner - attentive to the problems affecting the inhabitants of the communities in the vicinity of the airport.
In a perspective of open dialogue with the surrounding territory, the programme promotes and sustains projects involving social, educational and environmental issues as well as re-qualification of the nearby areas.
The projects are generally implemented in co-operation with agencies, associations and schools operating in the territory and involve activities aimed at improving the quality of life for residents of the areas, based upon a bottom-up logic of development which responds to needs as expressed by communities.
The promotion of culture, training and the promotion of sports activities among the young are the main focus of the initiatives brought forth to present. Since 1998, these activities have included:

  • Refurbishment of sports facilities for the young;
  • Landscaping of local parks;
  • Renovation of a local church recreation centre;
  • The supply of computer equipment for nearby schools;
  • Apprenticeships and visits for elementary, junior and high schools;
  • Sponsorship of a local band;
  • Publications regarding the local area of Capodichino;
  • Assistance to local elementary school students in creating a musical CD;
  • Organised excursions for local senior citizens;
  • The planning of entertainment and events during the Christmas holidays;
  • Gift packages for needy families;
  • Organised activities for disabled children;
  • Theatre activities;
  • Sport activities;
  • Summer camps;
  • Scholarships;
  • An employment orientation centre;
  • After-school activities for youth at risk.