Quality, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy

Achieving levels of excellence in airport management, ultimate goal of all our efforts, can only be accomplished by completely satisfying passengers and all airport users needs and expectations and in preserving their safety and security. These objective is stated in the respect of the environment and of all the laws and regulations that govern the air travel industry. We are committed to continuous improvement through:

  • offering services to the highest quality standards, designed to meet and exceed passengers expectations, the focus for all our activities ;
  • ensuring the highest levels of safety in all airport processes , the reduction of accidents and the safeguard of health and safety of passengers and all airport users;
  • a sustainable development and integrated with the territory, starting from the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and reducing to minimum the impact of airport activities on the environment;
  • an efficient and effective management to ensure profitability for shareholders and creates value for the territory;
  • maintaining relationships with authorities, airport operators , airlines , suppliers and surrounding communities, guided by a shared vision and common way of operating.
These principles inspire our Management System , which identifies itself in the best international standards for quality, safety and the environment management. We all are required to operate according to this policy, committing ourselves in its daily application, always looking for new improvement opportunities.