Airport Carbon Accreditation

The Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) is the Airport Council International Programme, which Naples joined in 2013, that defines and certifies activities aimed at managing, reducing and neutralising CO2 emissions. Recognised on a worldwide basis as the only specific programme for airports, the ACA provides six different levels of certification, the highest being level 4+ Transition achieved by Naples Airport in 2022.

Level 4+ transition requires higher commitment to drive CO2 emissions reduction as well for the airport stakeholders, on a three-year plan (Carbon Management Plan – CMP).

The CMP for the years 2022-2024 includes many actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, both through direct investments by the Airport Management Company and through agreements signed with the main airport operators.

GESAC has therefore developed a «Green Capex Plan» to finance the following actions to reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Energy self-production with photovoltaic plant solar
  • Electricity distribution network upgrade to charge electric vehicles
  • Greater efficiency of air conditioning systems and energy efficiency
  • Sewage treatment plant for terminal’s wastewater collection tanks
  • New eco-heat generation plant
  • Forestry programme in the neighbourhood areas for land-use regeneration and CO2 reduction
  • New runway management software and test on a hydrogen powered prototype aircraft
  • Continuous upgrade of airport cars fleet with electric or hybrid cars

GESAC has also developed a Stakeholder Management Plan to reduce the emissions generated by airport operators, which includes the following initiatives:

  • APU avoidance on all the stands equipped with 400hz and A/C utilities
  • Single engine taxing
  • Implementation of a new take-off climb procedure
  • Upgrade of ramp equipment with e-powered ones
  • Green policy to promote use on more efficient and less emission aircrafts
  • Strategic plan to support Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)
  • Cooperation with research centre for Air Urban Mobility (UAM) Development Plans