Airport regulations

The Naples Airport Regulations, as established by the airport management company and adopted by the airport ENAC office in a specific ordinance, is the primary instrument of airport regulation
Through a series of disciplines and procedures, the various parties operating at Naples International Airport have precise indications as to operative procedures and instruments necessary to ensure the proper execution, in safety and security, of airport activities in full compliance with established service quality standards.
Specifically, the regulations indicate the obligations assumed by the various parties operating in the airport towards the airport management company, ENAC and customers, the basic conditions for providing various services and, concurrently define the operative sanctions and assessment procedures for infractions.
The airport regulations also discipline activities of the Naples International Airport through other regulatory instruments, including:
The Airport Manual and the HSSE-MS (Management System for Safety, Security and the Environment)
Airport Procedures
ENAC Ordinances
Aviation documentation.

The new Airport Regulations have adopted the amendments made to the Navigation Code, specifically in reference to the role of the airport management company which has been attributed with the full responsibility of airport management and activities of co-ordination and control of all private operators present in the airport.



The Airport Manual

The Manual, compliant with the requirements provided for in the ENAC-issued "Regolamento per la costruzione e l'esercizio degli Aeroporti", is subject to the approval of ENAC and outlines all necessary information and procedures to ensure that the company and airport personnel conduct their activities in full compliance with the highest standards of safety and security.
An essential part of the Manual is the "Health Safety Security & Environment Management System" which, among other things, details the policies and safety standards adopted by Gesac.
The primary objective of the Manual is to define how GE.S.A.C. S.p.A. fulfils its duties as airport management in order to ensure that the operations are conducted in safety and security.

The Manual, in conformity with the requirements provided for in the ENAC-issued "Regolamento per la costruzione e l'esercizio degli Aeroporti", is subject to ENAC approval and, in brief:
- constitutes the primary document of reference which contains all operational procedures, performance standards and technical references with the objective of ensuring the maximum safety standards of all airport operations and services;
- describes the management's corporate structure and clearly identifies the various roles and those responsible for all activities;
-describes the airport infrastructure and services;
- provides detailed instructions and information which Gesac personnel are held to maintaining in the performance of their duties and which constitute the company's primary source of reference to ensure safety in airport operations;
- provides ENAC with a means to evaluate the adequacy and compliance of Gesac's organization and procedures with those set forth in the "Regolamento di costruzione e esercizio degli aeroporti".