True Star

Luggage protection

Position: Check-in area - ground floor

Opening Time: 04.00 - 21.30

Tel: +39 033172301

TrueStar offers a complete range of solutions dedicated to departing travelers. With its baggage wrapping, protection, and tracking service, TrueStar takes care of the personal effects of those who choose to travel by plane.

Protective Wrapping: Made in just a few seconds at TrueStar's points of sale with an ultra-resistant, elastic, waterproof, non-toxic, and fully recyclable protective cling film.

Travel Accessories: passengers find a wide choice of accessories made in partnership with carefully selected Italian providers. Designed for those who love to travel with all the necessary comforts, they are easy to transport and comply with the most rigorous quality standards.

Scales: At TrueStar points of sale, it is possible to verify the weight of your carry-on and checked baggage. The service consists of a scale with a capacity ranging from 0.5 to 180 kg. It allows customers to make multiple weighings within 1 minute, giving them time to remove objects and clothes to reduce the weight of their baggage.


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