Toledo 72

Handcrafted perfumes

Position: Shopping arcade - first floor

Opening Time: 07.00 - 21.30

Tel: +39 375 856 3610


Welcome to the heart of olfactory elegance, where the art of perfumery merges with Neapolitan artisanal tradition. The Neapolitan brand that crafts artisanal perfumes under the label "Toledo72" is a sensory ode born from the inspiration of the enchanting streets of Naples, rich in tradition and passion.
Toledo 72 pays homage to Italian craftsmanship, a brand rooted in the fascinating local context of Naples. Each perfume bottle is crafted with care and dedication; this attention to detail translates into unique and enveloping fragrances that can characterize anyone who wears them.
The shop offers unique sensory experiences, capable of reflecting the personality of anyone who wears the fragrances.

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