Bufala Fattorie Garofalo

Buffalo Mozzarella Store

Position: Shopping arcade - ground floor

Opening Time: 05.00 - 21.30

Tel: +39 0817801258 - +39 34504231962

Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania PDO and Italian gastronomic tradition, thanks to excellent products from the fully integrated supply chain of Fattorie Garofalo.

The Bufala stores are the last link in a closed and fully integrated supply chain, with artisanal productions made exclusively with milk from our own buffalo farms and expertly handcrafted by our master cheesemakers.

Bring with you the true buffalo Mozzarella and other buffalo specialties such as 100% buffalo milk Burrata, Ricotta di Bufala Campana PDO, and our cured meats made with carefully selected cuts of buffalo meat from our own farms, as well as our selection of Made in Italy products.

The store is inspired by a modern deli and ancient Italian dairies, with the white of the mozzarella, the black of the buffalo mantle, and natural design elements that give a strong identity to the brand.


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