Pasticceria Bellavia

Classic pastries and regional specialties

Position: Shopping arcade - first floor

Opening Time: 06.00 - 21.30

Tel: +39 081 5991603

The Story of Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia

The story of Pasticceria Bellavia began in 1925, when Antonio Bellavia moved to Naples and immediately began creating fragrant cassatas, exquisite cannoli and many other specialities of Sicilian pastry in general and from Palermo in particular.

With four outlets in Naples, Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia today offers an extensive range of:

Pastries and Ice creams – classic cakes, flourless cakes, Christmas and Easter specialities and ice creams, including traditional Neapolitan coviglie, spumoni and spumoncini

Rotisserie – Babà Rustico, Danubio, Pancanasta, fritturine, pizzettine e rusticini

Gift ideas – wonderful hampers for corporate gifts and more, with Le Melodie del Vesuvio liqueurs, Mini Babas, Conserves, artisan Panettoni and Colombe

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