HSSE Management System

The HSSE Management System, in effect at the Naples International Airport, is aimed at guaranteeing the attainment and continuous improvement of the of airport Health, Safety, Security, Environment levels and objectives in compliance with airport policies and reducing risks to the most reasonably possible level.
The airport management company ensures the continuous improvement of the airport HSSE management system by:

  • Conducting all airport operations in conditions of safety in full respect of the environment;
  • Providing for appropriate corrections of any deviations from the established standards and objectives.
The system is applied to all activities conducted in the airport and all the organisations, even those present temporarily, operating in the airport are under obligation to respect the system.
The Health, Safety, Security and Environment management system involves the following areas:
  • Communications, Information and training
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Control
  • Accident management and analysis
  • Emergency management
  • Inspections and audits
  • Misura delle prestazioni (standards of services)

Failure to restore/respect of safety/security and environmental levels to the cited standards upon which the HSSE management system is based constitutes breach of contract as well as infraction of Airport Regulations.

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