Book your parking space with the online bookings system and save 10%!

After booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a booking code (i.e.A0012) and a PIN to be used when accessing the car park.


Parking Instructions

1) Entrance


  • Type your 6-digit PIN on the numeric keyboard (for example, 567890) and press the "OK" key. You will be issued a receipt, indicating your booking code (i.e. A0123), which will be needed to exit the car park

2) Park your car in any available space

3) Exit

Insert the receipt issued when entering the car-park. The system will automatically open the boom gate at the exit

Notice: Should your stay in the car park be longer than expected, the ensuing additional charges may be paid by credit card at the exit gate or in cash or by debit card at the manned car park payment stations.

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