Terms and conditions


As the management company of Naples International Airport, Gesac S.p.A. is fully compliant with all the obligations and provisions set forth in Legislative Decree Number 196/2003 related to the processing of personal data.

Said processing of personal data, including data related to General Aviation activities, is conducted in full respect of both European and Italian regulations thus privacy protection has become fully part of the corporate quality management system

The processing of this data is exclusively conducted by specifically trained company employees who have been duly informed of the privacy obligations and security measures provided for in Legislative Decree N. 196/2003. In the management of said data, Gesac also reserves the right to utilise third party firms or external consultants.

Gesac S.p.A. guarantees the full exercise of the rights set forth in articles 7, 8 and 9 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003:

  1. the right to know that one's own data is being held and processed by a third party;
  2. the right to data integrity, that is to be able to update, rectify and integrate the processed data;
  3. the right to erasure, that is to obtain the cancellation, transformation or blockage of any processed data in violation of the law;
  4. the right to deny consent to processing, that is to protect oneself against the processing of data for illegitimate purposes;
  5. the right to contest the use of data, that is to contest the use of data in terms of evaluations regarding your person.

Management of General Aviation aircraft parking is the responsibility of the GESAC S.p.A. Apron Management Office (A.M.O.)

Any aircraft parking authorization - PPR Prior Permission Required – is granted to the Air Operator even when the request has been directly communicated to the handler or applicant representing or acting on behalf of the former.

Any variation made by the handler selected on the part of an Operator is intended as a purely commercial variation of the agreement between parties in which Gesac S.p.A. as the airport management company, is a non-involved third party, except in regard to those aspects related to the proper execution of operations alongside the aircraft and compliance with the terms set forth in the Airport Manual and Regulations.

Requests for slot assignments are to be submitted by the Air Carrier/Operator or duly delegated Handler, through the Computerized General Aviation Slot Management System. The requests are subsequently analyzed and accessed by the A.M.O. which will send specific messages regarding:

  • PPR acceptance and slot assignment;
  • PPR rejection;
  • negotiation or proposal of new ground or scheduled time.

The GE.S.A.C – Naples International Airport Apron Management Office – is operative every day from 06:00 CET hours to 23:00 CET hours (Summer 04:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC / Winter 05:00 UTC – 22:00 UTC).

The A.M.O. Office will respond to requests made through the G.A.S.M. system during these hours within a maximum of 60 minutes from time of reception. Requests made during the A.M.O. closing hours will be accessed the following day based strictly upon the order of reception as determined by the IT system.

PPRs may be revoked until 48 hours prior to estimated arrival time in those unforeseeable situations which, for reasons beyond the control of Gesac S.p.A., space is not available and an alternate arrangement is not possible.

Requests exceeding a 24 hour period can only be taken into consideration during the "Winter" season.

The stands dedicated to General Aviation are nose-in which requires that the selected handler must provide towing equipment.

Any PPR request must be based on the logical premise of certainty and prior knowledge that aircraft towing equipment suited to the type of aircraft used is available.

Gesac S.p.A. declines any responsibility related to the omission, false declaration and/or unavailability related to towing equipment.

Gesac S.p.A. reserves the possibility / responsibility of cancelling previously accorded PPRs should it subsequently become aware of an initial and/or supervening unavailability of towing equipment and, if possible, to assign the flight to another handler in possession of the necessary equipment.

It is the obligation of the Air Carrier / Operator or handler to whom the original PPR was issued to interact with the G.A.S.M. system to communicate / request:

  1. variations from originally scheduled hours;
  2. any variations in airport of origin and flight destination;
  3. PPR cancellation;
  4. change of aircraft to be used for flight.

The communications cited in the above are to be intended as requests submitted to the Apron Management Office which will be addressed through the G.A.S.M. System.

In the event of verified non-compliance with all that is indicated above and set forth in the Airport Manual and Regulations currently in effect relating to General Aviation operations at Naples International Airport, Gesac. S.p.A. reserves the right to request the ENAC Airport Office duly issue the fines as provided for in the regulations.