How security checks are conducted

The security check points are located on the first floor of the airport and are accessible by stairs, escalators and lifts. Once you have passed through the boarding card optic reader turnstile, you will be in the security check control area where any coats, hats, lose metal objects from your pockets, belts, wallets and, perhaps, your shoes, must be placed in one of the plastic, airport security containers.
In order to facilitate security controls, you should:

  • Have your boarding card available
  • place any jackets or overcoats in the special plastic container for x-ray inspection
  • remove the plastic bag containing liquids from your hand baggage and present it to security personnel
  • remove laptop computers and other electronic equipment from any cases and place them on the conveyor belt

News starting on the 1st of September 2015

Starting on the 1st of September  2015, the European Union (EU) requires random screening of both passengers and their hand baggage using explosive trace detection in all EU airports. Therefore you might be requested to go through further checks. 
These random controls do not represent any risk for passengers’ health.




Camera and roll

During the security check, you roll will pass under the X-Ray Machine.
Several tests on different kind of rools proved that our X-Ray machines are totally Film Safe.