Naples is not a stereotype

The Sun has drawn up its own personal rank about the most dangerous cities in the world. Personal because it does not respond to any statistic or data but it is just the journalist's opinion. To understand why this article is only a superficial copy of stereotypes you just need to read all the other articles that have touched the same subject but reporting the real numbers based on objective and impartial facts

For example, concerning the crime rate we find out that the most dangerous cities are all in Central / South America. The whole of Europe is absent. In the case of Naples we can see that it has a lower crime rate than several Italian and European cities, as evidenced by provincial and regional statistics on criminal activity, provided to Sole 24 Ore by the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Public Security. A city that hosts about 7 million international tourists' overnight stays* with an increase of 9% over last year**. 
Some cities in the world are dangerous, stereotypes even more.


As we do not believe in stereotypes but in facts, we want to highlight that the overall appeal of the city, coming from the analysis of online tourists' reviews, is over 80%, ranking Naples as the second Italian city for online reputation ***

That's why we would like to encourage everyone to discover the fabulous corners of Naples which you cannot absolutely miss such as:

The possibility to go swimming in the city, in the Protected Marine Area of “Parco Sommerso di Gaiola”. An unique place and totally free of charge. If you are a sportsman you can rent a kayak.


Explore “Underground Naples”, 40 meters of depth under the noisy and characteristic streets of the Old Town. The name "Underground Naples" means the very complex lattice of small tunnels and cavities which are located in the Neapolitan subsoil and assemble a true city with ancient ruins.



The National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN), that has the most important and richest heritage of italian artworks and artifacts and, for this reason, is one of the most relevant museums in the world.
At the MANN you can admire more than 3000 masterpieces of priceless value and thousands of objects dated back to stone age or ancient times.


The wonderful Palace of Capodimonte is placed in the The Royal Bosco di Capodimonte or “Forest of Capodimonte".
The Palace hosts Capodimonte Museum and Capodimonte National Gallery (the most important Italian Gallery). 
The museum has a remarkable collection of art, ranging from the Farnese Collection to a collection of contemporary art pieces.


If you do not have a specific destination you can lose yourself in the alleys of the old town, that includes 27 centuries of history and it is the most extended old town of Europe and a Unesco heritage.


*Source: Istat 2015 - Italian Institute for Statistics

**Source: l'economia della Campania, Banca d'Italia - June 2017

***Source: Travel Appeal Index (