How can I get to the airport from the train station?
The train station is connected to the airport by the ANM "Alibus" shuttle service or, alternatively, by taxi. For more information: https://www.anm.it

How can I get from the city centre to the Airport?
The city centre is connected to the airport by the ANM "Alibus" shuttle service. It stops at the central station and at the port / piazza Municipio. Alternatively, you can use the taxi service. For more information: https://www.aeroportodinapoli.it/bytaxi

Where can I park my car?
Naples Airport has 5 parking areas for cars and 2 for motorcycles. You are entitled to discounted rates only if you book online. Purchase your parking space at: Official Parking Naples Airport - NAP. Furthermore, the ZTC (Traffic Controlled Zone) has been restored to make vehicle traffic smoother. A Pick-up area is available nearby the Arrivals. It has 80 stalls and you can stop for free for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Does the airport have free parking?
You can park your car, free of charge, for the first 45 minutes at P1 Parking.

Does the airport have a motorcycle parking?
There are 2 parking areas for motorcycles. One is located neaby the departures area, the other on the ground floor of Multipiano Parking. For more infromation: https://www.aeroportodinapoli.it/motorcycle-parking

Which documents do I need for my trip?
At check-in you have to show your paper or electronic ticket and a valid document (passport or National Identification Card) as well as any visas or special vaccinations required by your country of destination.

Can I carry liquids in my carry-on bag?
The transport of liquids, creams and gels in hand luggage is allowed in containers with a capacity of 100 ml and a maximum of 1 liter per passenger only. These must be transported in a clear plastic bag with a capacity of 1 liter and shown upon request at the security check.

What items are prohibited in carry-on bags?
It is forbidden to carry firearms and their components, reproductions( even toys), of firearms, air guns, rocket launchers and underwater rifles, bows, crossbows and arrows, slings, catapults, stun devices, chemicals, gases and sprays capable of producing disabling or immobilizing effects, such as irritant sprays, tear gas, acid and animal repellent, sharp-tipped objects that can cause serious injury, cutting articles, razor blades, knives and scissors with blades longer than 6 cm, swords and sabers, saws, blunt objects that can cause wounds when used to strike as baseball bats and batons, explosive and incendiary substances and devices in hand baggage. For more information: /www.enac.gov.it/passeggeri/cos-port

How can I request special assistance?
Special assistance must be requested from your airline or travel agent during the reservation, or at least 48 hours prior to departure. It is important that you provide the airline with detailed information regarding all your special needs. Assistance is free and the airline is responsible for informing all involved airports. For more information: https://www.aeroportodinapoli.it/on-departure/how-to-request-assistance

Who should I contact if my baggage is lost?
In the event your baggage is lost or damaged, you must fill in the required PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form at the Baggage Assistance offices of your airline's ground handling company. The Baggage Assistance office will contact you directly when your baggage is located. For information, contact the number indicated on your P.I.R. form. 

Who should I contact If I lose personal belongings at the airport?
If you have lost an object anywhere in the airport area (from the car parks to the boarding area) click here.

Who do I ask for information?
For information regarding flights and airport services, you can contact the Information Office every day, from 8:00 to 20.00, at 081.7896.259; write to or send a private message to Naples Airport Facebook Page;  send an email to assistenza_passeggeri@gesac.it.
For touristic information, two desks of Campania Region are available: one in the departures lounge and another in the arrivals area. For more information : /www.campaniadivina.it/

How can I connect to the airport Wi-Fi network? 
Naples Airport offers free internet access for 4 hours from the time of login. You can access connecting to  naples_airport, opening your browser (i.e. explorer, safari, chrome etc), typing in the requested information and click "connect".

My flight departs in the evening and I would like to visit the city without luggage. Where can I leave it?
Naples Airport offers luggage storage service, available daily from 4:30 to 22.00, at a cost of € 10 per day. For more information: https://www.aeroportodinapoli.it/luggage-storage