Training and development

Our success is due day by day to the professional qualities that everyone, at every level, expresses in performing their job.

Working in a highly professional and skilled way in order to offer customers better service all the time requires constant effort aimed at developing and planning training programmes for our resources.

Our goal is to develop common managerial skills and, at the same time, to provide the specific technical training needed for the many different roles.

The distinctive features of our management training courses are their inter-function nature and the innovative methods used.

The courses are designed specifically to develop the skills and behaviour required by our organisation. A structured "Performance Management" system enables the effectiveness of the training activities to be monitored continuously and new needs to be identified.

Managerial training is always accompanied by activities for the continuous improvement of language proficiency and specialised courses are available on request to meet every need.

A combination of technology and training has now given rise to the "GESAC e-Learning" project, which enables us to provide our training courses even in remote locations, thanks to the Internet, with all the advantages that this entails in terms of management of time and flexibility.