Gesac for the community

GESAC is an asset for our city and region, playing a key role both in the economic and social structure.

Development, environment and territory are considered important focal points for our management and, for this reason, GESAC is supporting many cultural, environmental and social projects in cooperation with schools, cultural associations and non-profit organizations.

CULTURE: GESAC offers free guided tours to schools and supports projects based on innovative teaching against early school leaving in high-risk urban areas.

DEVELOPMENT AND TERRITORY: Constant and frequent is the dialogue with the neighborhoods surrounding the airport and significant initiatives are in progress for the redevelopment of works of great artistic value.

SOCIAL AND CHARITY: GESAC is also trying to increase Neapolitan citizens awareness and civic sense to create and spread a new culture in terms of integration and reception. As airport, we have promoted free guided tours in the main museums of Naples to all workers involved in the tourist chain.

Constant support for associations engaged to fight poverty and the discomfort of minors and families and providing assistance to the growing number of homeless people

Heritage is very  important  and it must be preserved by everyone: GESAC, with its human resources, is an important added value for our priceless heritage and, with its efforts, becomes an essencial key for the economic and social welfare of the whole community.