Quality, Safety and Security, Environment and Energy Policy

Airport management achieves a level of excellence – which is what all our efforts are aimed at – when it meets and exceeds all passengers’ and airport users’ needs and expectations whilst ensuring their safety.

This is achieved via an environmental-friendly approach and the compliance with all the rules and regulations that apply to our sector.


We are committed to always improving our performance, by:

  • Supplying top quality services that live up to and even exceed the expectations of our passengers, who are our core business;
  • Ensuring top security levels in all airport processes, as well as reducing accidents and safeguarding the health and safety of passengers and airports users;
  • Achieving a sustainable and territorially-integrated development, through the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and a minimized environmental impact from airport activities;
  • Providing an effective and efficient management that ensures profitability for shareholders and generates value for the territory;
  • Maintaining relationships with regulators, airport operators, airlines, suppliers and the surrounding communities, marked by a shared view about our modus operandi.

Our management system is inspired by these principles. It is based on our vision and our mission, as well as on our innovation, commitment, and essentiality values. It also complies with the best International Standards for the management of quality, safety and security, environment and energy.

We all have to comply with this Policy, and we are committed to implementing it in our daily activities, whilst we keep on looking for new ways of improving our performance.