Organisation Management and Control Model in accordance with Decree 231/2001

Gesac adopts an Organisation, Management and Control Model and  a Code of Ethics according  to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in order to promote, enhance and strengthen the ethical culture to pursue the prevention of the crimes committed in the interest of, or to the advantage of the Company.

Gesac constantly updates the Organisation, Management and Control Model on the basis of new laws introduced and company organizational changes.

The Company has also adopted a Supplier and Partner Code of Ethics that presents a range of behavioral rules essential for proper business relations between the Company and its suppliers and partners. This document, defining specific code of conduct and control, developed on the basis of the rules expressed in its Code of Ethics, has been annexed to the Organisation Management and Control Model and represents, as an addendum, an integral part of all contracts/agreements signed with Gesac suppliers and partners.

Consult the Code of Ethics