Airport Identification Card - (T.I.A.)


  Per l'ottenimento del Tesserino Aeroportuale con banda rossa o banda verde è necessario presentare  un attestato di frequenza al Corso di Formazione di Airside Safety, in ottemperanza a quanto disposto dal Regolamento EU n. 139/2014. Per ulteriori informazioni, si prega contattare:


Airport ID application informations

In order to work in any airport area it is necessary to apply for an Airport ID at Airport Security Services Office (ASS). 
In case of authorization, the Airport ID (T.I.A.) is issued, according to Airport Procedure SEC013*, which has a validity period of maximum 5 years.

The Airport ID has a coloured stripe, to identify the authorized access areas, according to the working activities.

Blu stripes -  Airside (limited to terminal restricted area)
Yellow stripe - Landside
Green stripe - Airside / including airfield
Red stripe - All areas


[*] Italian version


Airport Escorted Access Card - (T.A.S.)

Exceptionally, a person may be exempted from requesting an Airport ID - T.I.A. and from obligations on background checks on condition that is escorted at all times when in security restricted areas and displays an authorisation together a valid Airport Escorted Access Card - T.A.S. according to Airport Procedure SEC 014.

The following conditions are to be considered as extraordinary:

- not expected
- sudden circumstances
- not foreseeable
- not planned
- not predictable

New On Line Services

Thanks to the new online service it will be possible to:

- Send requests 24 h a day, 7 days a week
- Have information about delivery timing

To request the Card pleas fill up the registration Form and you will get the credential for the Log In.

For more information, please contact the A.S.S. office at the first floor of our terminal  - next to the Fast Track (Mon - Fri 09/13.30 - 14.30/17.00)