The airport and noise

The sustainability of airport development and environmental protection, together with the quality of services and safety, constitute a fundamental priority for the airport management company.
In reference to environmental issues, aeronautical noise is the primary element of concern for communities in the vicinity of airports. GESAC, keenly aware of the need to integrate with the surrounding territory, has adopted a containment programme aimed at minimising the acoustical impact generated by aeronautical activities.
With this objective in mind, in 2001, two engine testing aprons were built within the airport complex (one for small to mid-sized aircraft and another for large aircraft).Specific noise absorbing technology, isolates the acoustic pressure resulting from engine testing activities.
Additionally, there is a ban on flight operations at the Naples Airport from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. with the exception of government or emergency flights.


Respect of ICAO international regulations

The takeoff and landing standards currently in effect at the Naples airport are in complete compliance with all of the current national and international flight safety-related regulations
For GESAC – the Naples airport management company – service efficiency and quality, in conjunction with the reliability of the structures, are always combined with the maximum attention and priority to safety and environmental protection issues.